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1325 Double-switching Woodworking Cnc Router

1325 Double-switching Woodworking Cnc Router

Feature: Pneumatic tools changer double Z axis and two heads machine whole steel structure Taiwan square linear rail high power water cooling spindle Applications: Furniture decoration,Musical Instruments industry,wooden crafts industry,large area plank plane sculpture, solid wood furniture,...

Detailed description

China Good Suplier Jcut-1325 Double-switching Woodworking Cnc Router


Detailed Description


Pneumatic tools changer double Z axis and two heads machine

whole steel structure

Taiwan square linear rail

high power water cooling spindle


Furniture decoration,Musical Instruments industry,wooden crafts industry,large area plank plane sculpture,

solid wood furniture, annatto furniture, real wood art mural, density board paint free door, Wood composite 

door,wardrobe,cabinets, besidecupboard,screen engravingand so on.


1) Machine body: Whole steel structure 
2) Guideway: XYZ-axis use linear guideway 
3) D riving mode: Gear rack&pinion
4 ) Work dimensions: 1, 3 00 mm /4x 250 0 mm x 20 0mm(optional:higer Z axis) 
5 ) Body dimensions: 1 9 00 mm x 32 00 mm x 1, 8 00mm (with bracket) 
6 ) Z-axis working area:  200mm
7 ) Max. Feeding height: 200mm (or higher)

8 ) Cut thickness of material: less than 40mm 
9 ) Max. Speed:17, 000mm/min 
10 ) Working speed: 0 - 10, 000mm/min 
11 ) Mechanical precision: 0.01mm 
1 2 ) Software: Type 3 software, Artcut software, Artcam software 
1 3 ) Max. Power consumption: 6 kW 
1 4 ) Power source: AC 220/50 /60 Hz (or 110v/60Hz)and 380AC 
1 5 ) Driver type: Stepper motor (or servo motor) 
1 6 ) Memory: Without or (DSP) 
1 7 ) Spindle: 2.2kw (3.0kw, 4.5kw, or bigger)

1 8 ) Spindle speed: 0 - 24, 000rpm /min 
1 9 ) Blade diameter: 3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm ( or 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm ) 
20 ) Control system: (NCSTUDIO) or DSP (USB interface) 
21 ) Command: G code, u00, mmg, plt 
2 2 ) Running circumstance temperature: 0-45 degree

2 3 ) Relative humidity: 30% - 75% 


Pack dimensions: 2050 x 3500 x 1980mm 
Net weight: 1500kg (with bracket) 
Gross weight: 1750kg

Production Market

    JCUT CNC are the exporter of the trade, industry and trade. Our business covers China and all over the world. At present, our business covers North America, South America, Australia, Europe, South Asia, West Asia, Russia and Africa. The company's products R & D, production and after-sales of all sectors more stringent, adhere to the "manufacturing sophisticated products and services to global friends," the idea, and strive to achieve the company and all customers in harmony and win-win situation.

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