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Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 14, 2018

JCUT-2415-8R 4th Axis Wood Engraving CNC Router


  Today, a client from Uzbekistan enquire for JCUT-2415-8R 4th Axis Wood Engraving CNC Router. You may need it .If you need it , please contact us.I will explain the detail here:

  Applicable industries: 
    Balustrade,furniture legs,stair railing ,cylinder items,handrail,desk or chair legs,teatray,The human body,avatar,3D cylinder mold,and a variety of rotational symmetry.
Wood processing:processing of various furniture such as door, window, cabinet, furniture, craft wood door, screen and so on. 
   Applicable materials: 
   Wood, aluminum board, plastic, density board, wave board, PVC, acrylic, crystal, light marble and other nonmetal materials and light metal materials. 

    The details: