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JCUT ATC CNC Router Cnc Router Machine

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

Product performance feature: ( high efficient, stability, humanization )

Disco automatic tool changing system ( bamboo hat ATC) has 12 tools’ magazines capacity,  suitable for multi pattern processing, tool changing speed, simple maintenance, low failure rate.

Advanced cnc processing system has powerful function and humanized operation, as well as can

Receive data through U disk or network .

Imported servo driver and motor have the characteristic of powerful speed, fast processing speed,

Stable operation and extreme low noise.

The ATC of high power spindle is constant power, low noise and strong cutting force which can improve the efficiency of work greatly.

Imported high precision linear railway, smooth operation, high precision, stable support, prolong the service life of machines.

Z axis adopt the imported industrial level ball screw, positioning accurately, so that the effect of processing is more perfect.

Energy-saving vacuum table function and dust collector can protect the environment.

Software has good compatibility and compatibles with various CAD/CAM design software such as TYPE3, Artcam, JD, Artcut, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and so on.

Material processing:

Density board, wood board, synthetic board, multilayer board, planning plate, cork, native board,

PVC, gypsum, double color plate, aluminum plate, hibiscus board, organic glass, acrylic, ABS, finetech stone, sandstone, marble, granite, all artificial stone, box, guide plate, horn, all kinds of metal, hard plastic and so on.

Technical parameter: ( If there is any change, we will not notice)


Product model


Working area


running speed


Spindle power

9 KW various spindle, 18000rpm (optional greater power)

Spindle cooled

Air/water cooled (optional Italy HSD main spindle)

Tool magazine

12 tools’ magazine ( optional 3-12)

Mechanical precision


Compatible command

G codeG-CODEPLTmmg UGENGHPGL and so on.





Body dimensions



Can be customized to any processing range of models