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Introduction Of The Stone Engraving Machine

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

1. Note function of the engraving machine, engraving machine engraving-motor has high power and low power. Some small engraving machine power only suitable color plate, build models, small plates and processing technology of three-dimensional data, this technique has been popular for some time, but the carving power too small to significantly affect the size of its use. Another is a high power head carved carving machine, the engraving machine is divided into two types, one is the large format cutting machines: the format is usually more than one meter, but poor accuracy of the engraving is usually; the other is of the correct format engraving machine: this engraving is generally used in precision processing and sign production.
2. to understand sculpture motor function and function, engraving machine engraving head motor is also very focused, because the motor is a long series of operations, so if engraving head motor is not good will affect the use of engraving machines.
3. carve motor speed adjustable scale, speed adjustable scale is usually thousands of to 30,000 revolutions per minute, if speed is not adjustable or variable speed smaller then stated the engraving machine uses constraints were large in scale, because the sculpture is not the same as the information must use the same engraving speed.
4. bulk production technique of carving machine: power engraving machine operations require the body to precision and stability, so long-term power carving ontology talent casting should be used to ensure that the precision and stability.