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How To Choose A Laser Engraving Machine

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

1) on what material you want to carve: according to the laser to produce different, and can be broadly divided into the YAG and CO2 laser engraving machine two, the former is mainly applied for metal products, which are dominated by non-metallic, mostly after the laser device on the market today.
2) processed products: laser devices to different modes of use can also be divided into carving, cutting and marking of three, basically there is a dedicated machine, there are a variety of functions, should be in accordance with the main requirements to choose.
3) to processing of products size: is for laser carved machine format size of select, but to note machine format big and does not necessarily is good, because sharply surface of equipment certainly more your, and some quality poor of machine equipment in sharply surface Shang the points of laser output average degrees not stable, led same table of carved products shades varies, so select most appropriate of format is right of.
4) laser power: according to the sculpture material and the contents of the. should select the appropriate laser tube wattage, such as acrylic and double-color plate engraving will not need a large laser power, such as wood and stone carving and cutting of any materials may require higher power laser tube, can have a multiplier effect.