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Difference Between Laser Engraving Machine And NC Carving Machine

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

Difference between laser engraving machine and NC carving machine:
1. laser and CNC engraving machine is in accordance with the previously typeset paths Figure carving of materials through a computer engraving machine, both of which are carved.
2. laser engraving machines and CNC engraving machine engraving technique is different, laser engraving machine is the use of high-energy beams in accordance with the road map on material for carving or cutting, and CNC engraving machine is material by using high speed rotating cutter head cutting and carving.
3. laser engraving can be done by the intensity of the beam to adjust the depth of the material of the sculpture, and engraving machine is carving materials by controlling the depth of the knife.
4. laser engraving machine is a non-contact process, will not cause scratches on surface, beam of laser engraving machine is very fine slit is very small, suitable for precision cutting. CNC engraving machine slot is decided by the carving tool head diameter, cutter there are many models, engraving different material is to use different carved heads.
5. laser engraving machines can only be cut and surface light sculpture, suitable for carving, advertising signs, acrylic products, garment processing, leather processing, product marking and other industries use their superiority. CNC engraving machines can cut can also make relief, such as the relief carving of wooden furniture.