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Cutting Marketing Needs Online Details

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

1, to clarify:
Each call you'd want to talk about content. When you are ready to communicate with each other, first revealed his identity and the company's name, such as: "Hello, my Euro treatment precision equipment Ltd, Suzhou is somebody that ... .... "The sale is important can attract the attention of others within 30 seconds.
2, record:
Be sure to listen carefully to communicate with each other, feel free to record down important ideas, such as each other's name, company name, address, contact, demand for the machine type, model, and so on.
3, determine whether the other side is the right call time:
You should show your respect for their time and give them enough time to make the appropriate adjustments. You can start a call to each other to ask: "do you answering the phone now? "" Are you busy now? "" Excuse me a few minutes of your time? "And so on.
4, to give you enough time to respond:
Give them enough time, so that they respond to your request. If you pick up the phone and go on, it so that your partner will think you're reading material.
5, call terse:
Each word must be properly spaced, thrust and clear, not dragging its feet, said that for a long time without directly into the core. Talk time is not too long for the first time.