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1500mmx3000mm Big Size Table CNC Laser Cutting Cutter Machine For Acrylic And Wood Materails

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

1500mmx3000mm Big Size Table CNC Laser Cutting Cutter Machine for Acrylic and Wood Materails

1530 Laser machine feature:

Working area(mm)1500*3000mm
Laser tube power100w,130w,150w (optional)
laser tube typeSealed CO2 laser tube/ or Reci laser tube, water-cooling, 10.6um
Working life of tube10000 hours for Reci laser tube
Max Engraving speed0 - 60,000mm/min
Cutting speed0- 30,000mm/min
Location precision< 0.01mm
Resetting positioning accuracy0.01mm
Resolution ratio< 0.01mm
Laser tuber coolingWater cooling
Power supplyAC 110 - 220V , 50 - 60Hz
Min. shapingcharacterChinese 2mm*2mm,English 1mm*1mm
Supported graphicBMP, HPGL, PLT, DST, DXP, and AI
Driving systemStepper motor
360° slope engraveYes
Cooling systemWater-cooling and protection system
Operating systemWindows98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/2007

Standard accessories

(01)laser engraving cutting software --laser cut 5.3(English version) 
(02)User manual of machine(English version) 
(03) User manual of software (04)USB cable 
(05)communication cable (06) air exhaust fan (07)air pump 
(08)3 reflecting mirrors (has been installed in the machine) 
(9)one focus lens(has been installed in the machine ) 
(10)one laser tube(has been installed in the machine) 
(11) tool box that you need to repair or maintenance 
(12) USB port LED panel(has been installed in the machine)
EXTRA PARTS(1) an extra laser tube (2) motorized up and down platform 
(3) rotary attachment (4) red dot printer 
(5) industrial chiller cw5000(6) auto focus(7) 3 layer filter
Software supportedCorel Draw,Auto CAD , Photo shop
Operating temperature0°C~45°C
Operating humidity5%~95%
Gross power≤1000w
Computer interfaceUSB port and Standard printer port
English manualTell you how to run the laser machine and also the problems and solutions

China cnc laser cutting machine for nonmetal details:

Machine Features: 
1. CO2 Glass sealed laser tube
China famous brand (Reci, Yongli), good beam mode stability, service time over 1500~8000 working hours. 
2. Laser Power
40W~180W, good quality and stable output to extend the laser tube service time. 
3. Singapore imported lens and mirrors
High transmittance, good focusing, reflecting effect. 
4. DSP control system, Leetro Controller
Leetro USB controller. USB interface, support online/offline working, English language system, adjustable cutting speed and power. 
5. High accuracy stepper motors and drivers. Belt transmission 
6. Aluminium blade table 
7. Tiwan Linear guide rails 
8. Lasercut 5.3 software, user’s manual 
9. Tool box
>> Equipment coming together with machine >>
1. Industrial Cooling System
Constant water temperature ensures laser tube a longer service time and high stability 
2. Exhaust Fan
Exhaust fan removes dust and smoke to protect the optical parts and the users. 
3. Electromagnetic air pump
The air blowing protects the lens from smoke and dust pollution. Also it protects the material being processed from fire or burned.
>> Options >>
1. Red dot
The laser is invisible. Red dot shows the position of the laser on the material. It’s more convenient for location. 
2. Honeycomb or blade table optional
Aluminum blade table is for processing acrylic, wood and other hard materials;
Honeycomb table is for processing cloth, leather and other soft materials. 
3. Up/down Z-axis
You can adjust the table height by operating the Z-axis to process thick materials. Z-axis is also a must when you need to use auto focusing and rotary. 
4. Auto focusing
Auto focusing automatically adjust the focusing distance. 
5. Rotary
Rotary is used when processing cylindrical objects like bottles, cups, sticks, etc.