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For three-axis CNC wood carving and milling machine CNC heads

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

For NC three axis woodworking carved milling machine of carved head, including z axis skateboard and NC system, its features is: including a hanging arm, its top and a, axis rotating disc fixed joins, a, axis rotating disc Shang has hinge, and through a, axis rotating positioning device sets into a, axis sat, a, axis sat in the has a, axis hanging sat, its bottom and by said hinge screws connection, its top and placed cylinder in the of cylinder rod connection, cylinder rod Shang set cylinder piston, cylinder rod of exposed end sets has spring, its top Department by flat pad and the bolt fixed; hanging arm of bottom By c-axis and c-axis Rotary positioning device rotating joint, installed on the cylinder rod cylinder piston, exposed end of the rod of the cylinder over the spring and flat washers and bolts c axis of the end plate is fixed on the spindle, spindle connected with the CNC system; a shaft is fixed by screws in the z axis on a skateboard.