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Engraving and milling machine spindle gimbal

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

Carved milling machine spindle million to bracket, its features is including activities installation in carved milling machine head Shang of fixed sets, fixed sets connection ball joint body, ball joint body tight solid ball joint gland, ball joint gland and ball joint body business has ball Wo, ball Wo within with million to ball joint, million to ball joint by clip head activities installation motor, motor axis connection tool. Fixed sets and head is activities installation, fixed sets can around with head 360 degrees any rotating, million to ball joint in ball Wo within rotating, makes clip head and motor and the tool and can for 360 degrees any rotating, and ball joint and ball Wo of angle can tilt, above three a parts of can rotating, greatly increased has milling cut range, makes tool rotating flexible, can milling cut any surface. In addition, fixed set, universal ball joints connect the three motor and Chuck, increase the working stroke, increased processing capacity; motor directly drives the tool to reduce intermediate links, passing power.