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CNC engraving and milling machine tool

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

CNC engraving and milling machine tool:
1. open sequentially machine tools and systems, machine zero back operation. In "return to parameters F4", and then press the run key "F6", machine tools ' each of the axes will return to origin.
2. the rough will be processed securely clamping on the machine tool working table (blank size and size in a processing module).
3. pick "F2-wheel", submenu "handwheel to open" press, careful hand wheel, to move the milling cutter into the workpiece. Then the submenu "6-axis parameters" press, G54 filled artificial origin coordinates in the coordinate system, saved.
4. manual input, G54~G59 method: after opening the system, going back to the origin machine tools find workpiece origin (knife); save the coordinates entered into corresponding machine coordinate system parameters dialog box; coordinate system must be used with a saved program head corresponds to the coordinate system of workpieces.