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CNC engraving and milling and engraving machine uses what is the difference between

Jinan Jcut CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 18, 2017

CNC engraving and milling and engraving machines are machines of two different structures, but roughly the same principle, is controlled by an electronic controller mobile, powered by X/Y/Z three-axis.
From: CNC engraving and milling machine can be understood as a fine engraving, cutting, but also can make. Items ranging in size from 1mm-16mm, a length of 50 to 80mm. Machinery design of heavy load, rigid big rack, z-trip, so not only can do a small engraving machine work, cutting thickness of plates.
Engraving machine is mainly used for plate engraving, usually used in the carving of the acrylic sheet, and is widely used in signs, plates. Engraving machine design light, x/y axis moves fast, z axis travel is short, the materials suitable for carving 5mm-8mm