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5 Axis Cnc Router Machine

5 Axis Cnc Router Machine

Quick details: Product characteristics: 1.Advanced CNC processing system 2.All components are high-quality 3.Five-axis linkage 4.High processing efficiency 5.High precision and fast speed Application materials : All kinds of stone , wood, resin, gypsum, fatlute and other non-metal carbide...

Detailed description

Quick details:


JCUT-M360 5 axis cnc router

Max working size

X axis:680mm
Y axis:320mm
Z axis :550mm
A axis:360 degree
B axis: ±90 degree

Workpiece length

300MM-600M(or customized as your requests)

Tools diameter





Sunfar 5.5KW-11.5KW

Guideway test precision


Ballscrew test precision


Engraving precision


Engraving speed


Basic Info

This machine comes with five interposing axes (X, Y, Z, B, A), which are equipped with a simple and intuitive touch screen for CNC software cutting. It can do a lot of complicated work, such as complex shape cutting, surface machining, milling and so on.


1) 5-axis control system, stable machine performance, powerful function and easy operation. Advanced CNC machining system with high precision, high efficiency and fast speed.

2) The well-designed fully cast steel bed is well welded and the overall structure is not deformed.

3) The movable workbench structure is more stable than the moving gantry structure, especially when engraving the wave plate.

4) High-quality servo motor can control the working speed and improve the processing quality and efficiency.

5) Five-axis linkage is suitable for complete 3D surface treatment of small and medium size.

6) The processing speed, drilling speed and cutting speed can be separately controlled to greatly improve the quality and processing efficiency of the processed products.


1. Can be applied to different character statues.

2. Manufacturing of automobiles, ceramics and washing appliances

3. Can be used in the craft industry, carving artificial stone, wood, bamboo, marble, organic board, two-color board, etc., in order to achieve the effect of beautiful patterns and characters.

4. Machinable materials include engraving, milling and cutting of acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic and soft metal plates such as copper and aluminum.

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